5 Attractive reasons to study in Poland


Over the years, Poland has increasingly become a choice destination for international students seeking to pursue their studies in Europe. Why Poland – the European Union’s sixth largest country – amongst the many countries in the region? Surveys conducted show us some key reasons why international students find it so attractive to study in Poland.

Quality of Education

When choosing to study in Poland, you will be spoilt for choice. With more than 450 Higher Education Institutions, Poland has gradually built up a strong reputation for world-class education standards and internationally recognized degrees. Many of Poland’s fine institutions rank well in international rankings – with impressive alumni – Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, Nobel Laureates, astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Pope John Paul II, and more.


Studying abroad tends to rack up tons of bills. For students on a budget, choosing to study in Poland will not burn a whole in your wallet. At an average cost of 2,000 EUR per year for a first degree, it’s much more affordable compared to incredibly expensive EU countries where tuition fees for international students are on average of 10,000 EUR per year.
Apart from school fees, the cost of living in Poland is much lower compared to its European counterparts. Allowing the student to experience more during their stay with a limited budget.

Student-friendly infrastructure & programmes

From student accommodations, to a transportation network that makes it convenient for students to get around on a low budget – Poland’s city infrastructure is well set up for new students’ adjusting to life in a new city.
Still feeling lost? Not to worry, Polish universities make sure new students never feel that way for long with their senior student networks and mentoring programmes to help them integrate with their peer groups quickly.

Gateway to Europe

Part of the appeal of studying abroad is the ability to travel and gain experiences in the process. Poland, being a convenient gateway to Europe is the perfect destination for that. Imagine, getting a cheap flight or train ticket over the weekends for short trips to different parts of Europe? You can get the full European experience without the crazy bills that come with it.

Immerse in Culture & Entertainment

When choosing to study abroad, it is incredibly important to also consider the quality of life in the country of choice. With more than 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful nature reserves, bustling music scenes and more, there are plenty of experiences for an international student to enjoy while studying in Poland. Remember all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

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