Frequently Asked Questions About Study In Poland (For International Students)

Studying abroad comes with a lot of opportunities. Suppose you are planning to study in Poland. In that case, it becomes a lot easier for you to enroll in a Polish University or institute with the right knowledge about the procedures and conditions.

So, how is study in Poland for international students?  What are the requirements to study in Poland? We know you must be having tons of questions. Well, worry not as we are listing answers to the most frequently asked questions about study in Poland are:

What Are The Starting And Ending Months Of Academic Years In Poland?

Polish universities start their academic year in October and end it in June. There are two terms in the academic year – Summer Term and Winter Term.

The summer term initiates in the second week of February and ends in June. After a break of Easter, the year resumes with Winter term beginning at the start of October and ending before the summer term.

How Do I Apply For Study In Poland?

Here are the documents you need to apply for study in Poland:

  • It is required to conjure necessary documents – diploma, registration form, passport photographs, ID, and passport.
  • Matura certificate to be translated in Polish
  • Apostille certificate to validate the documents attached
  • Conformation to the documents to the set standards of the Polish Government by the embassy.

Which Requirements Do I Need To Fulfill For Studying In Poland?

  • Check for the Poland study visa and passport eligibility criteria that apply to you.
  • Check the recruitment schedule of the university you are interested in
  • Prepare the necessary documents that apply to the specific university.
  • Get health insurance.

Will I Require A Visa Or Passport Too Enter Poland For Study?

You will need to have a valid ID for entering the Polish borders if you belong to EU/EEA countries with no visa required. It is important to keep updating the extension permission to stay in Poland for a student.

You will need to get a passport if your country belongs to the 66 countries that do not have an agreement signed with the Polish Government regarding visa entry. These citizens need to have a visa valid for up to a year.

Will I Need To Learn Polish To Study In Poland?

You can attend classes there in two languages: English and Polish.

Not all universities offer classes in English. You will need to get access of one year to study in Polish in the schools approved by the education ministry. You will also need a language proficiency certificate in Polish – Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.

The hosting university will confirm your ability to be studying in the classes with Polish as the studying language.

Do I Require A Health Insurance To Study In Poland?

UE citizens will need to get EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. Citizens outside of this circle will need to get a commercial health insurance policy plan. You can get free health benefits from the National Health Fund in Poland, given you have a Polish Charter.

Other people are required to register at the National Health Fund and attach their PESEL number (National Identification Number), study certificate, and passport.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Bachelor And Master Studies In Poland?

It takes about 3 academic years to finish bachelor studies in Poland (6 semesters) in general. The timeline for master studies in Poland depends on the field of study and can last from 1.5 to 2 academic years, making 3 or 4 semesters accordingly.

Do Polish Universities Offer Any Financial Aid?

The bilateral agreement enables the Government to grant Poland scholarships to foreign students. This way, they would be exempted from the tuition fees. You might need to contact the Polish diplomacy board for details on a Polish government scholarship.