How Poland Is Cheaper To Study Medicine Than Other European Countries?

Looking for opportunities to study medicine at affordable rates requires a lot of effort – and when you’ve put all your energy and time into searching for the right university, the next problem is the hefty fee structure.

While most European universities offer Medicine courses in painstakingly high amounts, Study in Poland comes with a fantastic opportunity with the affordable fee structure for students all over the world who want to pursue medicine as their career.


  • Is it good to study medicine in Poland?
  • How much is medical school in Poland?
  • How many years is medicine in Poland?

Let’s find out about medicine in Poland for international students.

Details Of Medicine Courses In Poland

Poland comes with a syllabus and pattern for MBBS, similar to other European countries. In Poland, medicine studies take six years to cover the course of MBBS with a year comprising of internship duration.

The overall medicine courses in Poland are divided into three main divisions that are:

  • Medicine
  • Dental Studies
  • And Pharmacy

It takes about 6 years to complete the medicine study in Poland. You can also study medicine in Poland in English.

Why Do You Need To Study Medicine In Poland?

Poland is one of the preferable European countries to pursue medicine. Not only are the courses highly affordable, but the quality of education through its faculties and departments is highly up to the mark. The international students wanting to pursue their degrees in the field can choose departments and the faculty according to their choice (in most cases, as few universities don’t allow this).

Most universities are recognized by the leading organizations in the healthcare facility, such as the World Health Organization. This makes Polish universities among the top-ranking universities in the world. Moreover, the cost of living in Poland for international students is highly affordable. Students can live in different apartments in the proximity of the campus, either through shared rooms or single rooms.

Fee Structure For Medicine In Poland

The fee structure of some of the universities in the country is displayed as under:

University name

Total tuition fee per annum

Total hostel fee per annum

Medical University of Lodz, Poland

12800 US dollars

3500 US dollars

Medical University of Gdansk

9000 US dollars

3000 US dollars

Warsaw Medical Academy

11500 US dollars

3000 US dollars

The tuition fee and living expenses for the Polish universities are, thus explained, more affordable than most of the European countries. Also, many European universities require heavy income statements of the family and the overall expenditure in countries; for example, the UK is quite heavy on the pockets.

What Is The Education System In Poland?

Poland medical study course system is similar to that of other European countries. The last year is spent in practical training of the students in teaching hospitals.

Can You Get Scholarships For Medicine In Poland?

Yes, there are scholarships available for students who want to pursue study medicine in Poland. They are required to make an account on the official site of the required college and avail loan assistance through specific banks selected by the Ministry.

The students can apply for loan repayments following two years of the graduating date. These loans are provided to students in monthly installments using which they can continue their course in the country.