Top Questions

1. What service our company offer for students?

We are offering professional high quality assistance for admission to all Polish universities, for future students, who wants study in Poland.

2. How much cost our assistance?

Our assistance price started from 895 EUR/student, but is depends from which country students and which university student choose and specialization and our package.
We have 3 different package for every student.
Please exactly price discuss with our sales team.

3. Where we are base?

We are base in capital city of Poland – Warsaw.

4. How many university’s we are cooperate?

At this moment we are cooperate with more then 75+ universities in Europe.

5. How much tuition fees at Polish universities?

Tuition fees at Polish private universities started from 2000 EUR/year.

6. In which language is possible to study in Poland?

Polish universities offering study in Polish and English language.

7. When universities have intake in Poland?

Autumn Intake – 1th October
Summer Intake – 1th February

8. How much is registration fee at Polish universities?

Registration fee is around 100-300 EUR, depends of the university.

9. IELTS/TOEFL is required to study in English?

No, is not required. But student must speak English.

10. How long takes admission process?

Admission process takes around 2-6 weeks, depends of the program and university.

11. How much cost accommodation in Poland?

Accommodation in Poland (Hostel) cost around 250-400 EUR/month.

12. What type of visa student must apply?

National Type D Visa for 1 year.

13. Can student work during the study?

Yes, student can work, during all the study (without hours limited)

14. How many days in week study?

Study mostly 2-3 days in a week.

15. How much cost food (monthly)?

Around 150-200 EUR, depends of student preferences.

16. How long time takes study in Poland?

Bachelor Study – 3 YEARS
Master Study – 2 YEARS

16. What is immigration steps about study in Poland?

STEP.1 Apply for 1year Type D National Student Visa
STEP.2 Apply for Student Residence Card (inside country)
STEP.3 Apply for Postgraduate 1year Residence Card (inside the country)
STEP.4 Apply for Work Residence Card for 3 years (inside the country)
STEP.5 Apply for Permanent Residence Card for 5 years (inside the country)
STEP.6 Apply for Polish Citizenship during the stay (inside the country).

17. What documents future student must submit to embassy?

1. Application form in English
2. FOTO (passport size)
3. Offer Letter from University
4. Confirmation of payment university tuition fees;
5. Health Medical Insurance for 1 year
6. Bank Statement
7. Accommodation Guarantee Letter
8. Your school certificates and diplomas
9. Valid Passport
10. Transport documentation (air tickets)
11. Visa Application Fee, payable by cash/postal order
12. A short CV

18. What include our assistance?

1. Find a study program for future student (Language course or bachelor program, master program, PhD);
2. Information Full Time Assistance 24/7;
3. Translate all important documents by standards from university;
4. Preparing all important documents for admission to the university;
5. Apostille for important documents (graduation documents+translation);
6. Registration student in university system;
7. Submitting Application to the University;
8. Preparing Student to Interview (if required);
9. Take admission documents from university;
10. Send Documents by DHL to future student (Fast 7 days delivery);
11. Visa Assistance for Future Student (if required);
12. Check in All Documents Before Apply for Student Visa;
13. Pick up Student in Airport and Drop to Hostel/Apartment;
14. SIM Card with Unlimited Calls and Internet;
15. Medical Insurance for 1 Year with 24/7 Support;
16. Finding Accommodation for Student (max. 7 option);
17. Making Travel City Public Card for Student;
18. Information Support 24/7 for 1 Year;
19. Extend Legal Stay in the Country (Applying for TRC Card for 2 Year).

19. Is Poland good for international students?

Poland has over 400 universities and welcomes over 50,000 international students each year. Cost of education and living in Poland is significantly lower than other European countries.

20. Do students have a right to work in Poland?

Full-time students, regardless of whether they have a temporary residence permit or a visa, can work on Polish territory without having to obtain a work permit during the validity of their residence permit (visa or card).