5 Reasons To Study In Germany


There are only a few countries in Europe that are safe and great for studying. A typical example of such countries is Germany. Germany offers a quality education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. More so, a great number of courses are available too. There are many reasons why you should consider Germany for your education. Some of them are discussed below.

World-class education

In case you don’t know, Germany’s higher education is one of the best in the world. When it comes to other products too, people over the world recognize “made in Germany’ as a seal of quality. Thus, you can benefit from this long and famous reputation especially if you are in the science, engineering, and technology field. More so, a degree obtained from any German university is highly recognized by employers all over the globe.

English-taught course

New to the German language? No problem! There are many courses and degree programs in Germany that are being offered in the English language, especially at the postgraduate level. According to the DAAD website, there are about 1471 courses that are completely taught in English. However, this is not enough excuse for you not to learn German. It will enable you to communicate clearly with others. Yet, you may be lucky to find out that your course is fully available in English.

Funding Sources

If you are self-sponsored or have a limited supply of funds, you don’t need to worry. Education in Germany is free and students don’t pay tuition fees. Some postgraduate students get a ton of benefits, sponsorships, and encouragement during their research work.
Meanwhile, part-time jobs called ‘HiWi’ (Research assistant) or ‘Werkstudent’ (part-time job in a company) are open for students coping with their living expenses. More so, students who don’t want mental-tasking jobs can take part-time jobs at restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels. Additionally, international students are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year.

Safety and Security

Another vital area to address is the core issue of security. So, how safe is Germany for you? Apart from international unrest like disease outbreak (eg CoronaVirus), there is little or no internal crisis in Germany. More so, Germany is a multicultural society with a rare case of incidents or racial abuse. So, Germany is generally safe for international students.

Learn the German language too

For a long period, the German language has been regarded as one of the hardest European languages to learn. In the beginning, you may have problems speaking and hearing the language. However, with time, you will start to get over it. Then, the next issue would be writing in German.
Nevertheless, the idea is to pick the basics first and then progressively move to the more difficult. There are several classes in Germany organized to teach foreign students how to read and write German. Imagine how proud you will be to understand German together with your degree certificate.

Bottom line

Ideally, Germany is a very safe and conducive place to learn. Apart from studying and acquiring your degrees, you also have an opportunity to learn German culture and language. More so, education in Germany is almost free and you have an opportunity to take part-time jobs too.

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