Study in Poland: why is Poland is good for education?


If you want to study in Poland, there are some basic things you need to know. As you already know, Poland is situated in Central Europe. It is bordered on the west by Germany and in the north by the Balti Sea. More so, it is bordered on the north-east by Russia and Lithuania and the East by Belarus and Ukraine. Similarly, Poland is bordered on the south by Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This should give you an idea of the location and environment of Poland.

Of course, Poland has become an attractive and affordable option for several students worldwide. Currently, there are over 2million foreigners who study in Poland. If you are still confused about why you should study in Poland, here are some of the reasons.

Rich History

The history of Poland’s education can be traced to somewhere around the 14th century. During this period, King Casimir the Great established Cracow Academy which is today known as the Jagiellonian University. This university is the world’s first state ministry for education. Also, this university has produced several great men across the world. The repute and standard of this university can never be underestimated.

Value for Money

The tuition fees in Poland are considerably lower than the fees in other institutions across the world. Interestingly, this does not affect the quality of education being given in this country. As for the personal expenses of the students, the cities in Poland are economically friendly too. Especially in Warsaw, the cost of living is considerably lower and you can even get part-time jobs which are permitted by the universities.

Student Life

As you’d expect, Polish people consider education as paramount and essential. Thus, the students in Poland often give their best towards learning and studying. So, but studying in Poland, you are also planning to compete with serious and inquisitive students which can assist you educationally. More so, there is adequate social life in Poland, especially for students. Similarly, students are offered accommodations on campus but they can opt for a private apartment off-campus.

How to apply?

Application to study in Poland is not as difficult as you might think. Just ensure you need the requirements for the course you are applying for. As a foreigner, the best step for you is to consult a licensed foreign educational consultant and register your interest. These consultants are professionally equipped with all essential information and you will be well informed about the procedure. The whole application takes about 30-50 working days.

After Graduation

What about life after school? Will you return to your native country to look for jobs? That is not so! The study progression in Poland is smooth and student-friendly. As a student, you are allowed to get your “stay Card” and remain in Poland even after your graduation. And perhaps, if you are a technology student, there are even more ample opportunities for you in Poland

Bottom Line

Poland is a very good country to study in. The country is strategically located so that it receives direct immigrants from other European countries and the rest of the world. They have a rich history and sound educational background too. If you are willing to study in Poland, you have just made the correct decision.

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