Poland facts: 5 Things You Should Know About Poland


If you are planning to visit Poland either for tourism or education, or you plan to relocate to Poland, there are some Poland facts you should know. You may be wondering about the geographical location, people, language, and culture of Poland but they not be as exactly as what is on your mind. So, relax and read through these awesome Poland facts.

Poland population and landmass

Poland covers about 312,679 square kilometers and is the 9th largest in Europe. Also, the country has a population of over 38.5 million people. The capital city of Poland is Warszawa and the country practices the parliamentary system of government. The people of Poland are called Polish (not shoe polish 🙂
A long time ago, it is kings that rule across the country before abolishing the system. Nowadays, the power is left to the Parliament and Prime minister. Of course, the country has a president but don’t forget how a parliamentary system works.

Polish Religion

By now, you should know that Polish refers to the people of Poland. The great majority of Polish are Christians. Specifically, most people here (about 86.7%) attend the Catholic Church. This is why Christmas is very popular in this part of the world. There is a Catholic TV channel and Catholic Radio Station. More so, the people of Poland love Pope John Paul II.

Polish language

As you might already know, the polish language is one of the most difficult languages to learn, although easy to speak. There are seven cases and grammar that has more exceptions than rules. However, you should imagine how proud you’d be when you finally learn that ‘difficult’ language and able to speak fluently. Meanwhile, the language is so difficult that even the Polish have a lot of problems learning it.

Polish cuisine

There is something in Poland that the Polish are very proud of and this is the cuisine. Before you taste this cuisine, here is a warning for you. The foods are extremely tasty, fatty and caloric. Don’t be scared! You can always get rid of the extra calories by visiting the monuments or pubs after the meal.
Meanwhile, the most popular food here is pierogi (dumplings), bigos (a mixture of cabbage, meat, and mushrooms), kotlet schabowy (breaded cutlet), rosół (chicken soup), gołąbki (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat), and zupa ogórkowa (cucumber soup). These cuisines are great and worth trying!

Polish currency

The official currency of Poland is the Polish zloty. Although Poland is part of the European Union (EU), it doesn’t stop the country from retaining her currency. Are you holding dollars, pounds or euros? Don’t panic! You can easily change the money to the Polish currency. Meanwhile too, Poland is incredibly affordable. The prices for items are low, be it beer, vodka, hotels, and even foods.

Bottom line

If you plan to visit Poland, those are the awesome Poland facts you should know. Besides, the monuments and attractions in Poland are exceptional. The educational system is incomparable too. Meanwhile, if you want to relocate to Poland, the cost of living is generally low.

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